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The leather tabs on Speedy bags are prone to cracking, bending, and wear over time. This is also true for the leather zipper pulls and side tabs, which can tear over time. The cards are charged via our secure payment partners; Stripe, PayPal and for the order value, plus shipping. Credit card companies may apply additional charges such as currency fees for international purchases.

When shopping for these accessories, you’ll find that there are less available pieces for men or unisex today than there are for women. Classic Louis Vuitton Speedy bag rendered in the equally-as-iconic Monogram coated canvas, trimmed in natural Vachetta leather and accented with gold-tone brass hardware. The Louis Vuitton Bag is the oldest and the most classic Louis Vuitton bag. It was in 2001 when LV’s creative director at the time, Marc Jacobs forced changed the future of the Speedy. His collaboration with fashion designer and artist Stephen Sprouse to revamp the iconic Louis Vuitton speedy bag. To date there are over 50 different renditions of the Speedy bag.

Louis Vuitton 'Speedy 30' handbag in black Epi leather. Opens with a siver-tone zipper on top and is lind in charcoal canvas with two open pockets against the back and a D ring. Has been carried with some natural patina and a bit creased on the top part and handles.

The placement of an order does not guarantee delivery of an item. Please write to us at along with your contact number for seeking an inspection certificate at an additional cost. NO processing fee is charged for availing's EMI payment option. The minimum order value to avail the EMI payment option is Rs 5,000. EMI is calculated on the total value of your order at the time of payment.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag is meant for daily use, perfect to hold all your essentials to get you through the day. The Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag has dimensions of 8.3 inches high, 11.8 inches wide, and a depth of 6.7 inches. A Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere silhouette is also available with a 21.7 inch strap, which can be adjusted and worn as a cross body or over the shoulder bag. The Louis Vuitton Speedy also features the brand’s iconic monogram print throughout the body of the bag. Bright colorways of the Louis Vuitton Speedy include the Bandouliere LV Escale 30 Pastel in Coated Canvas, Bandouliere 25 Game On White, and Bandouliere LV Escale 30 Bleu.

If you’re in the market for a muted colorway, the iconic Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere Monogram Nano Brown is also available. On average, a louis vuitton speedy 30 on 1stDibs sells for $980, while they’re typically $240 on the low end and $7,196 for the highest priced versions of this item. Titled as one of the greatest handbags in the history of luxury fashion, the Speedy from Louis Vuitton was first created for everyday use as a smaller version of their famous Keepall... Even though the Speedy bag was released in the 1930's, it's arguable that it didn'treallybecome the coveted and timeless bag it is today until Audrey Hepburn was seen with one in the 1960's. We can also thank Audrey Hepburn for the Speedy 25 because Louis Vuitton made a custom Speedy in this size upon her request!

All items are shipped from the UK or Dubai and may be subject to local import taxes or custom duties. Luxury Promise provides DHL with all required shipping information upon dispatch, and any additional duties or taxes will be calculated by DHL and payment will be taken at time of delivery. This table shows different banks and the respective EMI options based on the product price.

We prepare and ship your order within 24 hours and offer express delivery in 80 countries around the world. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return it within 14 days of receipt following our easy and fast procedure. Here is our Return Policy and more information on shipping time and costs. Designed in the mid-thirties, the Speedy bag is still one of the most popular Maison Louis Vuitton models. The Speedy is characterized by its understated, practical design made of sturdy Monogram canvas and its distinct features such as the single zipped compartment, natural cowhide trimmings and brass hardware. Though Louis Vuitton bags are known for their great durability and way of stylishly transcending time, Speedy bags can show signs of wear depending on how they're used and stored.

After Hepburn made the Speedy an iconic finishing touch to any outfit, the fate of this bag was sealed and it remains incredibly popular to this day. In fact, the Speedy is one of the most purchased Louis Vuitton bags in history. The Speedy was one of the first bags released in the 1930's by Louis Vuitton. Think of it as the little sister to the timeless and endlessly popular Keepall bag!

You can always contact us to learn more about the item before placing your order. Our team is happy to send extra pictures and videos so you can place your order with confidence. Do not hestitate to contact us by phone, email or social media to talk to one of our luxury experts.

23 Lv Alma Bb Ideas

Now the floodgates were open. For spring 2008, artist Richard Prince painted the bags with his irreverent artworks. It deals in vintage items and antique collections, both new and used.Basically, we offer free shipping no matter where you buy, and you can also ask us about our warranty for high value items. and Haute24 stores operate separately. This means that the products and prices offered at each may be different. At, we’re committed to offering our customers shopping convenience, exceptional service and an exciting product selection at competitive prices.

In full transparency I did purchase my handbag second hand from FashionPhile. While some pieces are less than retail, most exceed retail cost for this style, as you may know there are only a certain number of pieces are made each year which increases the cost on resell sites due to exclusivity. Some symbols soar and then vanish without a trace. But others endure for so long they become part of the fashion landscape, seemingly forever—like, say, those on Louis Vuitton handbags. BRAND OFF is a shopping site operated by K-Brand Off Co.,Ltd.

Honey, welcome to the dark side. Metaphorically, of course, there’s literally nothing dark about being a frugal fashionista and going for knock off purses – if it’s done right, of course. Become a Club Vogue member to receive 12 issues of the magazine, a Vogue Singapore tote bag, an exclusive bundle of gifts, as well as playing a part to support the local creative industry.

The aptly name Neverfull can accommodate your day to night accessories, or be all you need for a day at the beach—or the slopes. Here’s your opportunity to buy the item at a lower price. Shipment cannot be marked as a 'gift' or with altered price due to the custom declaration laws. If the item was sold out before your purchase, your order will be cancelled with a full refund. We reserve at Our discretion, the right to modify/amend/alter/update this Privacy Policy, at any time by placing a notice on Our Site. To ensure your awareness to the same change, it is your sole responsibility to review this policy periodically.

We are hoping and planning for a restock in July, I’ll share to my Instagram stories as soon as it goes live. I bought my TTS and they fit perfect but if your feet are wider it’s recommended to go up a size. I will say they run small, especially if you’re going for a loose oversized look. WTBS, I ended up getting 2 sizes up and have a visit to my tailor scheduled on Monday to have the waist taken in an inch or two. You guys asked for help with budgeting for your wardrobes and I thought that was a great opportunity to share with you what has helped me so much. You may not be making a large purchase but I’m willing to bet you could benefit from creating a more curated wardrobe.

After 14 days, you have the option of exchanging your item for another using the Collector Switch service. Select your preferred EMI option at the time of payment. Louis Vuitton Alma BB in red monogram Vernis leather. WOW that yellow/purple combo! Truly such a classic design, I will have this bag forever. Feminine, light and airy; the Script Name Necklace is the opposite of the Chunky Name Necklace.

The Alma was produced in the following sizes, however the GM size is currently not available at Louis Vuitton. A must in every self-respecting fashionista's wardrobe. The iconic model of the Louis Vuitton brand, the Alma bag was born in 1934.

Why is the caste system in India so strict? What caste are you in India?

 My friend has seen this kind of scene when he went abroad to study for graduate school. Two Indian classmates were excited by the problem of seat allocation in the classroom. When they were about to fight, one Indian elder brother untied his neckline first, and the other looked at it. In his situation, he was suddenly surprised, and then kept apologizing. Such a unique thing, I can't help but think, what exactly is on the open collar of a better Indian college student?

Now I understand, he opened the neckline, just to better the pure cotton Vatican at the collar of the coat. This not only shows that he is a noble and elegant "Brahmin", but also warns the other party that you must listen to me. This can be seen as a concrete example of India's "caste system" endangering contemporary daily life.

The "caste rules and regulations" that are more harmful in India

It has been more than 70 years since India abolished "caste rules and regulations", but it has a profound impact on today's India. So how exactly did this caste regulation come about?

The "Fairy Tale" of the Invading Army

In the 14th century BC, the Aryans invaded the South Asian subcontinent from Central Asia and expelled the aborigines "Dravi (pi) Tu (tu) people", because the Aryans were white and the Dravidians were dark-skinned, A caste system was established to facilitate distinction.

The Sanskrit Chinese homonym is Varna, which means skin color. Aryans seem to be born with a talent for storytelling. Caste rules and regulations are constructed with Andersen-style splendor, many of which are derived from Brahmin's long-standing canons and myths of their own tribe.

For example, when Purusha described in the "Rig Veda" was used as a worship object, according to his position, he became four castes. Lips become Brahmins, arms become Kshatriyas, feet become Vedas, feet become Brahmins.

The four castes have a clear division of labor

It established the four castes under the Varna management system. Brahmins are the royal family of monks, and they undertake the exclusive agency of cultural education and have the right to interpret religious classics and worship. Kshatriya refers to the defense royal family and the executive branch royal family, responsible for paying taxes and military district management methods to maintain the Brahmin class. Vedas refers to ordinary Aryans, who do not have privileges, do business, and support the privileged class by paying taxes. Sudras are local aboriginal people who are Dravi (pi) and Tu (tu), who are employed in such despicable positions as servants and craftsmen.

Insurmountable class 'gap'

Intermarriage is not allowed among these four classes. There is only one exception, that is, boys of higher castes can marry girls of lower castes, which is a "holy marriage" and is allowed. Women of high caste marrying men of low caste are classified as "reverse marriage" and must be kicked out of their homes, taking away their original caste and becoming "untouchables".

The caste system is very special to all Indians. Some people exceed the corresponding standard, and the caste may be taken away, becoming "untouchables", and even severely punished by "untouchables" from generation to generation. India is a caste fortress that is not optimistic, and everyone is afraid of offending.

What caste is a foreigner in India?

The third brother has caste rules and regulations. If a foreigner without a caste enters India, will he get a caste? Generally speaking, the first situation is that there are no foreigners of Indian nationality, who work for a short period of time, such as studying abroad or doing research work, and do not permanently settle in India. Admired and welcomed.

Distinguish by skin color

When Indians meet for the first time, they distinguish the caste of foreigners only by skin color. The more like the ancestors of the Aryans, the more Indians love it. For example, when Westerners arrive in India, they are usually all Kshatriyas, while people in Xinjiang region of China, with their milky white European-style classical faces, are very easy to be regarded as Kshatriyas and enjoy the admiration and preferential treatment of Indians.

However, many of us Chinese are not Kshatriyas. Although the skin color is much whiter than that of Indians, it is not as white as Westerners. Usually only classified as the general Vedic class.

Based on economic strength and identity

But in fact, Indians usually determine your caste according to your economic conditions and life circle. This distinction is actually reflected in the caste system. The first caste, Varna is just a classification based on religion, and the real definition of people is more of the second sex - "Jati".

To put it simply, Jati is a subdivision project under the Varna management system, and the key is to distinguish castes by position. Brahmins are distinguished families, experts and scholars, Kshatriyas are senior officials or business managers, Vedas are businessmen, and employees and farmers belong to Brahmins. If you are a well-known expert and scholar, and you go around to participate in scientific seminars, you will be treated like a Brahmin when you go to India.

Not having to work for others in India

It is not easy to see through foreigners, and Indians are likely to inquire about you from the side first. All in all, they will touch the boundaries of your acceptance little by little, and they will ask you to try to help him as much as possible. You may help Indians to work because of your good character, but many Indians feel that if you work for them, you are "inferior". For example, people of the Brahmin caste never clean themselves.

The status of the other half is also very important

After marrying an Indian, see which caste you marry. If your target is of a higher caste, no one will discriminate against you, and you will become a member of the higher caste yourself. If your target's caste is low, your status is not high either.

Can caste rules and regulations be resolved in India?

In India, a person's caste is very important, and it is also affected by the surrounding people, but if you are judged as "low caste" by India, how to solve such a situation?

Does forcing a name change work?

Such methods are very difficult and usually have to be won in groups. If the Dalits (untouchables) below want to be promoted to Brahmins, tens of thousands of people must fight together. If the Brahmin's affirmation can be obtained, the caste will increase.

Does it work to unify the parties again?

After the powerful Peacock Dynasty founder "Zhan Dharagupta" unified India, he immediately put pressure on the Brahmins, forcing the Brahmins to change the low caste who raised peacocks into Kshatriya.

The above plan can be described as "solving the symptoms but not the root cause". Is there a way to solve the caste rules and regulations? Although difficult, there is hope. In the past, people of all castes were required to do jobs. It is impossible to cross the line between each other, and it is almost impossible for "untouchables" to become wealthy.

More opportunities for growth with lower castes

However, in modern society, there are more and more opportunities for lower castes to accept education and training, and they can work in many roles and new fields that could not be done before. Indian government departments are also gradually giving people of lower castes more and more government department positions. ; Coupled with the rapid development of the contemporary Internet economy, many young Indians have also gotten rid of their stereotypes through Internet technology. In the Internet, people will no longer pay attention to caste and skin color, but only pay attention to the working ability of individuals.

Nowadays, India's IT field is developing rapidly. Relying on this breeze, many Indian low-caste youths also rely on their own hard work to enter the Silicon Valley of the United States and become technology giants.

I believe the future will get better and better

Former Indian Prime Minister Salef strongly criticized caste rules and regulations. Emphasize the caste system as an impediment to development. But at the same time he agrees that if Indians get rid of caste rules and regulations, India will be gone.

Even though caste rules and regulations have long since been abolished, they are still jeopardizing the development of Indian society. The caste system is hidden in people's hearts, and it is the difference between the stereotypes such as clean and unclean.

Although it is difficult to change temporarily, I think young people in India should not lose confidence and must continue to struggle. One day, it is very likely that everyone will live in a free country that is simulated by virtual machines and equipment. In this world, appearance and skin texture can be changed at will, and the caste system will be completely eliminated.

Sleeping In The Great Outdoors

When ever you are spending the night in the great outdoors it is important that you have either a sleeping bag or air bed that will provide you with a comfortable nights sleep. Fortunately, there are some great sleeping bags and air beds that are available on the market today.

The popularity of outdoor camping is increasing day by day as a result of which more people are now interested in hiking and camping. For this reason you have to be well equipped with the right outdoor gear and the type of the outdoor camping gear depends on the area where you are going for camping. The different utilities required include tables, sleeping bags, stoves, chairs, water container, fuel cans and many others.

If you are going for a trekking it would be better if you take less equipments so that the load can be reduced, but make sure that you take all the necessary items.
Some air beds on the market will feature the Insta-flex is the perfect sleeping system that is great for any situation. Some air beds will inflate to the size that measures eighty by sixty by twenty-two inches, so you have plenty of room to stretch out. If you are outfitting your family tent with the best in modern creature comforts, then an air bed or sleeping bag is the only way to go.

Many air beds gives you the option of raising the bed up in to an incline. And for those of you that can not seem to keep the pump with the air bed, the problem can be solved with air beds that have their very own AC pump.

Comfort is not an issue when sleeping on an air bed, because they are roughly the same height as a standard queen-size bed so it is a lot easier to get in and out of for older folks than your standard air bed. Some air beds that are on the market have a "flocked" top, which allows you to put sheets on it without them slipping off. These air beds are comfortable, easy to set up, and can be packed away in a closet when not in use.

With spring just around the corner, many campers have been busy dusting off the old camping gear and scrubbing out last year's leftovers from their cast-iron cookware. Usually, this is a joyous occasion where I sort through my cabinet full of camping gear and reminisce about the good camping trips I had the previous year.

Some sleeping bags on the market use thermolite as insulation, which make the sleeping bags built to handle everything from the site camper to the backpacker. Most of the materials that sleeping bags are made out of are very comfortable and their outer skin and liner are some times constructed out of two hundred twenty-seven nylon diamond rip stop.

When sleeping bags are stuffed into their sacks, they are very compact and makes for a good bag for backpackers that need all the space they can get. Out of their storage sacks, many will form a mummy-style bag perfect for campers of all genders and ages. Most sleeping bags will measure thirty-two inches by eighty-two inches, but there are a lot of different sizes of campers will find it comfortable, which weigh nearly three pounds when stored away in their protective sacks.

Happy Holidays to all

Happy Holidays to all. I hope you all have a great Holiday and are thankful for everything you have. I am eating Dove Chocolates and two of the wrappers say "Joy is contagious" and "Miracles aren't limited to the holidays. How true those two statements are. I know some people may be alone today and missing people in their lives, but they should know that in spirit their are many people who care about them and wish they could all be together. Daily I pray for so many people, from family to friends. I hope 2009 brings even more happiness to everyone. Here is something a good friend of mine sent to me;

Subject: PRAYER
> Just wanted to tell everyone that I am so grateful
> to have each of you
> in my life. It was difficult for me to decide who I
> thought would DO
> this because many people claim to pray, but not
> everyone does. I hope
> I chose the right twelve. Please send this back to
> me (You'll see
> why).
> May everyone who received this message be blessed.
> There are 12 months/ 12 disciples/ 12 tribes of
> Israel / Jesus'
> birth celebrated in the 12th month. There is nothing
> attached. Just
> send this to twelve others. Prayer is one of the
> best free gifts we
> receive. There is no cost, just a lot of reward.
> Make sure you pray,
> and pray believing God will answer.
> May today be all you need it to be. May the peace of
> God and the
> freshness of the Holy Spirit rest in your thoughts,
> rule in y our dreams
> tonight, and conquer all your fears. May God
> manifest himself today in
> ways you have never experienced. May your joys be
> fulfilled, your
> dreams be closer, and your prayers be answered. I
> pray that faith
> enters a new height for you; I pray that your
> territory is enlarged.
> I pray for peace, healing, health, happiness,
> prosperity, joy, true and
> undying love for God.
Source: Unknown

Positive thoughts do wonders
Remember it is better to think of positive thoughts than negative ones. Remember their is probably a lot more people out there that has it worst than you do. I know two days ago in the town I live in there are over 100 people who lost their homes due to a fire, they lost everything. Most spent the night in a local High School.

No Need to worry about things upcoming
A quote I like is "Worrying Is like a rocking chair, it is something to do but doesn't get you anywhere. I say no need to worry about things, God is on our side. Things seem to always work out. Yes, we all have bumps in the road, some seem like huge pot holes, but yet we find a smooth road ahead.

Surround yourself with Positive people

I know everyone has down days at time to time, but those that are always down. The ones I have tried to help but don't want to see the good in life. I move on, I want people in my life who want to live and see the good in life. I want to be around people who believe in me and my dreams. I will not be around people who don't believe in me or my ventures. I may sound like a tough stance to take but in the long run you will see how much happier you can be.

Dreams and Goals
Yes, I believe in having dreams and goals. I shoot for the stars all the time. If not I could sit on my couch and watch TV and have a same routine everyday. But I find my self experiencing so much by taking risks, having dreams and goals. Yes I may not hit them 100% as what I started out for but I know I am better off than if I did not shoot for something. Like bowling, I shoot to have three 300 games every night I bowl. If I miss it I know I normally I am way above average on my scores, and some day who knows. Anything is possible.

I do hope everyone has a great day today. I hope everyone has their dreams come true. Let me know your thoughts and ideas and Have a great day.

Here’s what happens when payday loans are banned

Each week, In Theory takes on a big idea in the news and explores it from a range of perspectives. This week we’re talking about payday lending. Need a primer? Catch up here.

Deyanira Del Rio is co-director of New Economy Project in New York. Andy Morrison is campaigns coordinator at New Economy Project.

Imagine a land with no payday loans. Flashing neon signs advertising “Fast Cash” no longer dot the landscape in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, and nary a lender is permitted to extract interest rates of 400 percent and up. This is not a far-fetched fairy tale or some long-forgotten history. It was the reality across most of the United States until the 1990s, when financial deregulation and the gutting of state usury laws enabled the payday lending industry to proliferate.

Today, 14 states and the District are essentially payday-loan-free, thanks to strong usury laws that cap interest rates on loans. It’s a swath of the country we have dubbed PaydayFreeLandia representing 90 million Americans, or about one-third of the U.S. population. Experiences in these diverse states belie the notion that usurious, short-term loans are a necessary evil. In fact, these states have demonstrated that the best way to address abusive payday lending is to end it once and for all.

[Want to eliminate payday lending? Raise the minimum wage.]

The benefits of residing in PaydayFreeLandia are vast. Thanks to our payday lending ban, New Yorkers preserve nearly $790 million each year that payday lenders and their ilk would otherwise siphon in fees. Across all payday-loan-free states, annual savings exceed $3.5 billion — an estimate that does not even include bank overdraft fees triggered by payday loans or funds drained by abusive debt collection and other economic fallout from payday loans.

While some states, like New York, have always banned payday loans, others have temporarily allowed — and then firmly rejected — payday lending. In 2006, North Carolina became the first state to rid itself of payday lending after previously legalizing it. In Arizona and Montana, payday lenders operated for years until voters had the opportunity to evict them at the ballot box.

We reject the dangerous myth that payday lending must be preserved and simply made less predatory. The notion that people somehow need usurious, short-term loans dominates too much of the payday lending debate and is flatly contradicted by former payday loan borrowers themselves, who report being better off after their states eliminated these debt traps. Similarly, the federal government enacted — and subsequently strengthened — a nationwide interest rate cap of 36 percent for military personnel and their families after determining that predatory lending was harming borrowers, and even undermining military readiness.

If eradicating payday loans is good for these borrowers, shouldn’t all Americans benefit from similar protections?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is finalizing a long-awaited federal rule on payday loans. Although the CFPB lacks jurisdiction to set a federal usury cap, it must use its full authority to issue a strong final rule that ends abusive payday lending once and for all. At a minimum, the watchdog agency must require lenders to determine whether borrowers can afford to repay loans — without exceptions or safe harbors. That common-sense underwriting is even cause for debate, in 2016, shows how deeply payday lenders have warped our political discourse.

[The problem is bigger than payday loans]

Legislators also must act. Sound public policy would shore up and expand responsible lending by community development financial institutions based in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color to serve as an antidote to predatory lending. Fundamentally, payday lending thrives because so many people are struggling to make ends meet. Living wage laws and a host of other measures are needed to address root causes of economic insecurity and inequality.

The stakes could not be higher — certainly for low-income families in states where payday lending is currently unchecked, but also for the 90 million people who live in PaydayFreeLandia. In New York, civil rights and fair lending groups have battled aggressive attempts by check cashers and others to gut our state’s usury law and open the floodgates to payday lending. These fights have for years drained massive public resources and required tireless advocacy by broad-based coalitions — sapping energy and resources that should have gone toward devising policies and programs that advance economic opportunity and justice.

A weak CFPB rule would embolden industry actors that seek to break into payday-loan-free states. Indeed, lobbyists in Pennsylvania have already seized on loopholes in the proposed payday lending rule to claim, disingenuously, that the CFPB has given its stamp of approval to payday-like loans.

Given the ubiquity of payday lending storefronts in many parts of the country today, it’s worth remembering that this industry did not actually exist until relatively recently. The country’s decades-long experience with payday lending has proved to be a costly failure. It’s time to reset the clock. Long live PaydayFreeLandia.

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